User's Guide

Please refer to the flow chart below to see the procedures of service, from the making of reservations to the completion of service.

1. Membership Registration

You are required to become a LIMO TOKYO member to access the services provided on this website. Register now by filling out the membership registration form.
Register Here

2. Completing the Reservation Form

Click LIMO Booking/Quote on the side bar to jump to the reservation form. Make your choice of Service Type/ Date / Duration and fill in the necessary sections of the form to go on with your reservation.
In case your reservation details are not fixed, please fill in/choose only the necessary parts.
Once your registration form has been submitted, our staff will contact you to follow up on the details of your reservation.

3. Submitting the Reservation Form

When you have completed and checked your reservation form, please click the SUBMIT button. The information you have provided on the form will be sent to LIMO TOKYO.

4. Receiving an Estimate of Your Reservation

The LIMO TOKYO staff will prepare an estimate of the service fare based on the information provided on the reservation form, and send you an e-mail with a URL through which you will be able to access your estimate online.
In case your provided information is not enough for making a correct estimate, our staff will contact you to follow up on the needed information.

5. Confirming Your Reservation

When you have accessed your estimate online by clicking on the URL provided in the estimate e-mail and have acknowledged its details, you can easily complete the reservation process by keying in your credit card data on the payment page. When your credit card company approves your payment, your reservation is confirmed.
Cancellations and modifications can be made to your reservations by signing in to your User’s Page.

6. On the Date of Service

Our limousine will be ready to serve you at the time and location of your choice.
Furthermore, an e-mail will be sent to you 2 days prior to the use date to remind you of the reservation you have made with LIMO TOKYO. Please check the information on the e-mail, including pick-up location and time.

7. Receiving Notice of Fixed Fares/ Request for Extra Fares

After the date of service, guests will receive an e-mail notifying that service fares have been fixed, and this is the point when our service concludes.
In case the actual fare has exceeded the estimated amount, you are kindly requested to settle the difference by accessing the URL which we send to you by e-mail. Our service concludes when your additional payment has been made.