Reserve Limousine Services in the Tokyo Area

You can order from anywhere around the globe the limousine service in Tokyo area through LIMO TOKYO.
We are committed to providing our guests with full support in order to make both private and business trips to Tokyo as comfortable and safe as possible.

We provide limousine services in Tokyo area.

Narita Airport

Easy access from Narita airport to Tokyo area or from Tokyo area to Narita airport

Haneda Airport

Easy access from Haneda airport to Tokyo area or from Tokyo Area to Haneda airport

Hourly Service

Customize service based on your trip plan


More about LIMO TOKYO

LIMO TOKYO welcomes and transports our guests with privately reserved, completely reliable and comfortable vehicles.
Another advantage of our service is high flexibility. Guests can choose the vehicle, time, and locations that best suit their purposes.
Reservations can be simply made by filling out the reservation form on our webpage. Following the submission, our staff will check the details of your reservation, and contact you by e-mail to confirm the reservation.

Become a Member of LIMO TOKYO, Completely Free

You are required first to become a member to make a reservation on LIMO TOKYO.The registration is completely free, with no membership fee nor any registration fee.
In addition, when you become a member of LIMO TOKYO, making reservations is even easier. Information such as the pick up/ drop off locations that you chose in your previous reservations will be stored in your user account, and are accessible on your next visit to LIMO TOKYO.