Our Services

LIMO TOKYO is a reservation website for limousine services available around the Tokyo area.

Customers are able to choose from 3 types of services: FROM AIRPORT, TO AIRPORT, and HOURLY SERVICE, each of which offers a safe and comfortable trip.

We are happy to answer all queries and requests. Please contact us via chat box.

Service Types

From Airport

LIMO TOKYO limousines will transport you from the 2 airports located near Tokyo, NARITA and HANEDA airports, to your choice of destination.

To Airport

A LIMO TOKYO limousine will transport you from location of your choice to either Narita International Airport or Haneda Airport.

Hourly Service

Guests are able to freely choose combination of pick-up/drop-off locations and also the duration of service. This service is the best choice when you are in need of transportation in Tokyo during business trips and/or private vacations.

How to Use Our Website

For details on how to use our website, please refer to the USER GUIDE page.
(Note) Airports from which Service Is Available Narita International Airport and Haneda Airport

Available Vehicles

We offer a diverse range of vehicles, from the luxurious Rolls-Royce Phantom, other high-class sedans and spacious vans to eco-friendly hybrids.
Please choose the vehicle that best suits you and your guests. Please refer to the Our Fleet page for further details and prices.


Our service fare estimates are subject to change depending upon the type of vehicle chosen and the distance/duration of service.

Below are some examples of our fares(tax included).

From Airport

Narita International Airport – Central Tokyo

Middle Size Sedan / 35,850 JPY
Large Size Sedan / 41,860 JPY
Van Type Vehicles / 41,860 JPY

Haneda Airport – Central Tokyo

Middle Size Sedan / 23,610 JPY
Large Size Sedan / 27,260 JPY
Van Type Vehicles / 27,260 JPY

To Airport

Central Tokyo to Narita International Airport

Middle Size Sedan / 35,330 JPY
Large Size Sedan / 41,340 JPY
Van Type Vehicles / 41,340 JPY

Central Tokyo to Haneda Airport

Middle Size Sedan / 19,610 JPY
Large Size Sedan / 23,260 JPY
Van Type Vehicles / 23,260 JPY

Hourly Service

Middle Size Sedan

Minimum Fare(Up to 1 hour) / 6,450 JPY

Additional Fares(Added every extra 30 minutes) / 2,930 JPY

Large Size Sedan

Minimum Fare(Up to 1 hour or 15 km) / 7,740 JPY

Additional Fares(Added every extra 30 minutes) / 3,520 JPY

Van Type Vehicles

Minimum Fare(Up to 1 hour or 15 km) / 7,740 JPY

Additional Fares(Added every extra 30 minutes) / 3,520 JPY

Actual Expenses(Charged only when used)

Highway Tolls, Parking Fees and etc…

Cancellation Charge

You will not be charged for cancellations if cancellations are made more than 24 hours before the pick up time.
For cancellations made in less than 24 hours before the service or when the car has left to your meeting point, a 50% cancellation charge will be applied.
For cancellations made later than above time, customer will be charged 100% of the estimate price as cancellation charge.

Multiple Day and Round Trip Services

If your would like to reserve limousines for multiple days or round trips, please tick the box next to “Intend to use car for two or more days” on the “Limo Booking/Quote” page which can be accessed from the menu bar on the left.

You are only able to enter one combination of pick-up/ drop-off locations on our online reservation form, but by ticking this box, the LIMO TOKYO staff will contact you to consult the details of your multiple/round trip reservations.